About GEMS

About Us

GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES (GEMS), headquartered in Jeddah, is a leading provider of integrated waste management solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company offers integrated waste management services, industrial and maintenance services, byproduct recycling, logistics and transportation management.

GEMS was founded in 2008 and was fully acquired by the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) in 2019, which is a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), to help develop, operate, and finance various activities across all waste types to establish recycling capacities in the Kingdom.


Be the National Champion driving Circular Economy providing industrial and hazardous environmental solutions globally.


We support our customers better, manage their waste, and safeguard the environment through strategic partnerships and by deploying best-in-class talent and technologies to achieve operational excellence in every step of the value chain.


We Care

We are Ambitious

We do it Right

We get it Done

We Engage

At GEMS, we adopt these values, with an emphasis on safety, integrity, and sustainability

Our Goals


Diverting Of industrial waste from landfill


Recycling & Treatment

Products Value Uplift

Environment Compliance

Circular Economy

Landfill diversion

Greener Environment